Thursday, May 24, 2018

What are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)?

Massive open online courses are those courses which are available on the web sources for the learning purposes. Now a day people are very much social and active by the use of internet. Use of internet is no more difficult for now day’s people to use. All the people now a day are very much familiar and aware by the use of internet. Internet is now have access to nearly equal to every person who is aware of the use of cell phones and computers now a days. Learning has a different phase now, it is now in the form of online learning on the web not like the old times that learning is only possible from the books but now the world has changed now new technologies are invented which makes the learning easy and possible through online sources by just sitting at home.

MOOC courses are the course which provides a lot of online learning platforms or options, by using that everyone can easily get the required course to learn which they want to learn.  MOOC provides a number of new platforms that provides a huge amount of courses at one place. Each platform has a different number this article will guide you about the best possible list of courses or uses of the courses to learn for the teachers and for the students as well. Mooc has many methodologies which need to be considered by teachers and students as well in order to get the best results.
MOOC Facilities
Mooc provides the facilities to be used by a number of people ta the same time whether they are at any place of the world it can give an access to a number of students at one time.
It is easily approachable to all type of people whether they are beginners or they want to improve their skills as well.
The courses which are available at these platforms are free of cost anyone who want to learn whatever he needs to he can get access easily on without any payment here.
The courses are available on the web browsers they do not need any book or any other hard medium to communicate to the people. People just need to open the web browser and its done.
The courses available on the MOOC are in the form of iTunes, videos, clips which is a very effective way of learning because it makes very much easy for the learner to learn by the proper steps in the video.
Difference from Other Learning Options
The other learning options available on the web sources are different from the MOOC courses in the following term:
The other online courses available on the web sources charged some amount which may not be affordable for some people but MOOC provides the courses free of cost to its users.
The structure of the courses on the type of knowledge is different from the other learning courses other than MOOC is that they have video learning options which makes them more reliable and comfortable for the learners.
The grading is done by the other learners through there university professors which takes many time, but on MOOC the grading system it provides that best suits the system and which best makes it and reliable for the learners.
The courses available on the MOOC are 24 hours a day whenever anyone wants to read or learn anything they can have it. Although this facility is not available on other courses learning sites.

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