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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beautiful Pakistan Pictures - 7 Most Amazing Valleys of the World

Naran Valley
Naran Valley is located in North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. Naran is the main tourist center in Kaghan Valley. It is the best base for treks and walking in the valley. 

Palas Valley, Kohistan
Palas valley in Kohistan District, NWFP, Pakistan. The Palas Valley is located on the left bank of the river Indus. Palas Valley in Kohistan Truly one of the most beautiful valley in Pakistan.

Swat Valley
Swat is an administrative district in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan located 160 km/100 miles from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is the upper valley of the Swat River, which rises in the Hindu Kush range.With high mountains, green meadows, and clear lakes, it is a place of great natural beauty that used to be popular with tourists as "the Switzerland of Pakistan"

Soon Valley
Soon Valley is situated in the north west of Khushab. Soon Valley starts from Padhrar village and end to Sakesar that is the highest peak of Salt Range. The length of Soon Valley is 35 miles and average width is 9 miles. Although not as cold as the valleys up north, Soon valley consists of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, jungles, natural pools and ponds.

Rama Valley
Rama Valley is thickly forested with huge pine, cedar, fir and juniper trees. The valley is about 3300 meters (10800 feet) above sea level and thus is snow covered for 7-8 months of the year. In summer, it becomes lush green; conditions favored by local shepherds.
From here one can trek to east side of the Nanga Parbat (also known as the Killer Mountain), the world's 8th highest mountain.

Hunza Valley
Hunza, a remote mountain kingdom, may have been the inspiration behind James Hilton's "Shangri-La." The area opened up in the 1970s following the completion of the Karakoram Highway (KKH); an engineering marvel tracing the old silk route from Pakistan into China.

The beauty of this mountain paradise is matchless; from the soft blossoms of the apricot trees to the dark snowcapped rock monuments of Rakaposhi (7788 m.) and recently climbed Ultar (7388 m.) jabbing a vivid blue backdrop high above.

Chitraal Valley
Chitral is undoubtedly the most romantic, captivating and enchanting place in the majestic Hindukush range. It is a mountainous area in the extreme north of Pakistan. The landscape of Chitral is extremely mysterious, with its steep harsh mountains, lush green valleys, beautiful meadows and big glaciers, which have made it one of the most difficult and inaccessible area of the world.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Beautiful Pakistan Pictures - Islamabad Amazing Picture Collection

Islamabad is the capital of beautiful Pakistan. Damn-e-Koh and Pir Suhawa are two beautiful hill points just few Kilometers from capital.This post contains beautiful and amazing photos of Islamabad.
Road to Daman-e-koh
beautiful Pakistan Picture
Islamabad Picture
Daman-e-Koh on the Margalla hills gives a splendid view of Islamabad below. Road winds up from north end of 7th Avenue. The road passes through various woody areas and hiking trails, and a place where several monkeys are visible on the road (because tourist feed them). There are couple of snack bars and now the area has been renovated with golf cart taking you around. One who love to take photographs of mountains and beautiful places will definitely enjoy here.
Islamabad View from Daman-e-Koh
Islamabad Image

Beautiful Faisal Mosque
Beautiful Faisal Mosque Image
Margalla hills Image
Mountain Image
Mountain Image2
tourist place image
However another cool spot above Daman e Koh is Pir Sohawa (approx 1200 m and 9km). The government has laid down a proper road, and even lighted at night. The spot has become a good picnic area with various BBQ restaurants cropping up. The hill gives a splendid view of Islamabad below, and the temperature is 3-4 degrees below the normal temperature in Islamabad.
Pir Sohawa
Pir Suhawa Image

Views, eating spots, and hiking trails makes this spot a well worth tourist place, as this is close to Islamabad and easily accessible.

travel image

travel image 2
Pir Suhawa Image 2

Beautiful Place Image

Beautiful Islamabad Image

Amazing Picture
Dam-e-Koh View Image
Daman-e-Koh and Pir Suhawa are the most popular outing spot of Islamabad. It offers lovely views of twin cities, Rawal lake, Faisal Mosque and Murree hills.
Also there are restaurants offering decent meals from morning till night. If you ever plan to travel to Islamabad never forget to visit these beautiful places and taking a lot amazing photographs.

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