Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Pakistan - Amazing Deosai, Gilgit, Hunza

Way to Gilgit

Tirshing - A Village on the way to Rupaal Camp Nanga Parbat 1

Tirshing - A Village on the way to Rupaal Camp Nanga Parbat 2

Sheosar - Deosai

RakaPoshi - On the way to Hunza


On Way to Chillas - Karakaram Highway

On Way to Chillas2 - Karakaram Highway (First View of Nanga Parbat)

On the Way to Tirshing

On the Way to Tirshing

On the way to Sheosar - Deosai

Near Dasu - Karakaram Highway

Nanga Parbat from Tirshing

Nanga Parbat from Jaglot - Karakaram Highway

Nanga Parbat from Deosai 1

Nanga Parbat from Deosai 2

Nanga Parbat from Deosai 3

Nanga Parbat from Deosai 4

Lady Finger - Hunza

Karimabad Hunza

Junction of 3 great mountain ranges - Karakaram, Hindukush and Himaliya

Jalgot - Karakaram Highway

Hunza Valley

Golden Peak(spantik) from Hunza Valley 

Gilgit Valley

Gilgit Astor Road

Closeview of Nanga Parbat

Chilam Choki - On way to Deosai

Butgram - Karakaram Highway

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  1. Great photos. Keep adding photos. Can I take some of you photos for my wallpaper or it is illegal

  2. Thanks. I was away to an amazing place for photography, you will see more amazing pictures soon on this site. Yes you can use photos as wallpaper but can't redistribute those.

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  4. Hello! Oh, I really hope you can help with this one. I visited Hunza in 1994. Amazing. re: the Lady Finger. Do you know what it is called locally/formally?

  5. Hello Dear,
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  6. I think your blog is very very very good. The scieneries are the best that I have seen. How beautifel they are. Good luck

  7. I spoke truly I 've got some pictures from yours for about adding my knowledge. And then I will send them to my friends. Do you agree with me ?

  8. Great photos. Keep adding photos. Thanks for sharing.

  9. nice collection and presentation about Gilgit-Baltistan