Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dubai City Tower

The Dubai City Tower also known as the Dubai Vertical City is a proposed supertall skyscraper design announced on 25 August 2008. The supertall, created by an architect to display possibly future technologies, is the second tallest building ever fully envisioned after the X-Seed 4000. If ever constructed, the Dubai City Tower will be much taller than any other current man-made structure.

The design has 400 floors with a 200 km/h (125 mph) vertical bullet train acting as the main elevator. The design is inspired by the Eiffel Tower to better deal with the massive wind forces pushing on it. It has have a central core with 6 outer buildings that are connected to the central core every 100 floors. This design both stabilizes the structure and spreads out its mass.[Wikipedia]

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  1. An amazing place Dubai...been there a few times on my way to London This was not there then...But I liked it there