Friday, December 19, 2008

Relationship Secrets

Always Celebrate, whether its 1st or 50th each year together is a Triumph.

Let each other know how much you appreciate each other.You may already know but hearing it from each other is always better.

A Bond is a strong feeling of Friendship, Love or Shared beliefs or Experiences that Unite two PeopleMake it a point to spend time together often but leave room for each other.

Be best friends.Take time to know each other so the relationship will be a deep one.The strong bond of friendship will help you both survive tough times

Accept your partner or spouse as is. Never Try to change him/her

Know that the perfect person does not exist.Know that just as there are things that you love about him/her, there will be things that will make you go crazy. We are only human with our own flaws

Always compliment each other.This will prevent feelings of resentment & thinking that one is being taken for granted.

Have fun together! Allow yourselves to get silly.
Being able to make each other laugh & see the lighter, crazier, absurd side is the best way to get through all the differences in personalities, adjustments in lifestyle & opposing viewpoints.

The longer you extend the fight. The more chances that you'll say something hurtful that you don't really mean. As mad as you were with your partner, he/she is still the person who laughs at your jokes & thinks you're hot.Hear each other out, don't dig up old issues. Never Sleep without resolving the issue over which you fought.

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