Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Most People Are Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Money

A man took a job with a woodcutter claiming he was the finest woodcutter for the job. He was hired.

First week he cut down 10 trees, two a day every day. The boss was impressed.Next week he worked just as hard and cut down only 9.Third week he worked even harder and cut down only 8Then 7.Then 6.What was wrong? He did not know.Sadly the boss had to let him go.

Disappointed with his lack of skill, the woodcutter went home, and while there performed a few routine tasks that he had been too busy to complete while working.

Quietly he applied for another job, and keenly went back to work. Joy of joy he cut down 10 trees in a single week.He went home at the end of that first week and evaluated what had happened. And came to the conclusion that his new strength was not new. Like all natural abilities it was there all the time.

His earlier failure was due to the fact that he had never taken the time to stand back from his work and sharpened his axe.So if you think hard work alone is all it takes to be successful, think again, stand back and sharpen your axe...

Take a vacation. Buy some new products. Attend a few seminars. Get hold of books and courses that will make you into your own star material.

Put in some thinking time. Sharpen your axe not by working harder but by opening your mind to all that surrounds you. And thank the architect of the universe for the privilege of being here.

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